What is the concept of YDU?

The concept of Young Designers United is giving new and emerging designers space to establish and develop.

We give designers the opportunity to sell their clothes on consignment. We think that it’s important to have a space for those that don’t have dozens of selling points yet, and the benefit for you is that the collection is always fresh and unique. Many of the items are handmade and only produced in limited quantities.
How can I sell my label through YDU?

We always search for new designs that fit our concept and style. If you have a brand or label and would like to work with YDU, you can contact us. The best way is to send an email and attach the details of your brand/label and share some designs.
Are new labels added throughout the year?

In general, we work with either a 3-month or 6-month contract (this depends on the preferences of both). However, we do think a new label or brand needs some time in the store to actually gain traction. This also means that there is not always a spot available immediately. In this case, it’s still good to reach out and see if there is a connection. As soon as there is an open spot, we’ll reach back to you.
Do all designers have the same terms?

To figure out what the best terms are between YDU and you as a designer, it’s best to get in touch and to figure it out together.

We try to keep all the terms as similar as possible, but the needs of every designer are different. The basic principle is that it has to be fair across all designers.
Does YDU only sell clothing?

At the moment, we only sell clothing and accessories. However, we love all types of design and would like to expand our offering in the future.

If you have designs and items that would fit YDU, but that is not clothing or accessories, please do contact us. We might be able to work together in the near future.