A More Sustainable Wardrobe

3 easy tips to get started 

Most of us wish to live more sustainable in one way or another, and we believe doing a little is better than doing nothing. We all need to start somewhere, and becoming more aware of our consuming pattern is a great start. There are various ways in which we can all reduce our carbon footprint, being smarter about how we consume is one of them. In this post we’ve gathered 3 simple tips on how to create a more sustainable wardrobe. 

1.  Shop for timeless, high quality styles

When shopping, avoid clothes that are too trendy or too difficult to combine with what you already own. Instead, go for timeless styles that you know you will wear for a long time. You can still play with different colors and shapes, just make sure they relate to what you already have in your closet. Only buy garments that are well made and of a high quality: more often than not, those garments come with a higher price tag, but we ensure you that it’s worth it – high quality garments will last you much longer than a garment of a low quality, and in that way it can even end up being the most economical option. A white t-shirt is not just a white t-shirt. Bring your consumption down by investing in fewer, high quality pieces, rather than lots of pieces of a lower quality.

2.  Define your personal style (and know what makes you comfortable)

Good style is subjective. The first step to a more sustainable wardrobe is to figure out what your style is. Spend some time reflecting: which types of garments do you always go back to? Are you more of a dress person or a pants type? Do you feel comfortable in shorter skirts or do you prefer a long hem? Do you love colors and patterns or is your style more minimal? Sometimes a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can look super stylish, it doesn’t always have to be complicated. Jewelry is another great way of making your style more interesting, and an excellent way to give it a personal touch. Don’t get caught up in the idea of what you WISH you would wear, stay realistic with what you know you WILL wear. Knowing your personal style makes shopping easier, and you won’t end up buying something you won’t wear.

3.  Don’t throw anything away and treat your items with care

Treat your items with great care. Always read the care labels before washing, and only wash your garments when needed. Jeans should be washed as little as possible for instance, and you can wash your cashmere sweater in cold water or on a wool program in the machine. Always wash your garments on the lowest temperature possible (we recommend 30 degrees or cold water for most items), and know which items always need to be taken to the drycleaner (or even better, steamed), like coats and suits for example. Avoid hanging heavy wool sweaters as this can cause the garment to stretch if done over a longer time. Repair an item when possible, and don’t underestimate the benefit of getting something professionally tailored to fit you perfectly, whether it’s taking in a hem, adjusting the sleeves or making the waist smaller. If you have items you don’t wear, sell or donate to extend the life of the garment.

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