Spring has Arrived!



The birds are singing, the grass gets greener, flowers start to shoot up from the ground.

Most stores have already presented their first spring arrivals. At YDU, you will have to be patient just a liiittle bit more. But it will be worth it, we promise!

Can you also feel that you are getting more energy from the longer days and the sunrays? What do you do with all the extra energy?

I suggest a wardrobe clean-out! (but you can also take a run 😉 )

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Something I always do towards the end of a season is to do a clean-out in my wardrobe. I do this four times a year because it is a really good way to get an idea of what you have in your wardrobe at the moment.

This means that I pack my warmest winter clothes away when the spring arrives, and my summer clothes away when the cold days are starting. It helps me navigate my wardrobe better since I then don’t have to look at clothes that I will not wear. I pack my winter clothes neatly in boxes, but I always keep my sweaters in reach!

Aside from packing and storing what you won’t wear in the new season, a spring clean-up is also a great way to evaluate your current wardrobe.

Do you own clothes that you will not wear in the new season because it is no longer your style? If you are a person that tends to get carried away by trends, you will surely know this feeling.

When I find something in my wardrobe that no longer fits my style, I either sell it online or give it to charity. Fortunately, if you do a clean-out every four months, this won’t happen too often.

I am quite determined when I clean-out my wardrobe, and I don’t hold onto something that doesn’t suit my style because it has sentimental value or because I wish it would suit me.


A clean-out in your wardrobe is also a great way to figure out if you need new clothes for the upcoming season.

Maybe your white shirts need to be refreshed, maybe you need a new pair of flats or maybe you still don’t own the jacket that can take you from spring to summer. Planning is really the key, but sticking to it is perhaps the biggest challenge: write down which items you need in order to get your wardrobe ready for spring, and then make sure you get these items first. To prevent your wardrobe from over-floating, remember to also part with the items you no longer wear.

Being strategic in this way about your wardrobe might sound boring, but it will help you to get easier dressed in the morning, and it can prevent the “I have nothing to wear”-crisis.

A wardrobe that is too full can make you feel like you have nothing to wear because too many clothes can lead to confusion – you simply lose track of what you own. And that is what you can avoid with regular clean-outs!

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