Introducing the Owners of Young Designers United

After the first months as new owners of Young Designers United, we really want to introduce ourselves.

We’ve had an interesting, exhausting, but mostly fun month. Now that this first overwhelming month is over, we feel that it’s time that you hear something about us and the future we envision for YDU.

First of all, when we talk about us, we mean Lisbeth and Nick. Lisbeth, who you’ll mostly see in the store, is Danish and has been in the Netherlands since 2016. Nick, who operates mostly in the background, is Dutch and has been living in Copenhagen for a few years, and yes, this is where we met. 😊

We moved to the Netherlands about two years ago and already wanted to start a store together and had been talking about starting a store together. After a while, we found YDU, which was even better for us. A store with a concept we want to continue, but still where we can add our own touch.

Lisbeth (28 later this month) has a university background from Denmark in communication and cultural studies and Nick (27) has a background in finance. We are very passionate about design, fashion, and aesthetics, and we are both starting photographers. Currently, we are working on a webshop at the moment so you can also shop our designers online, for which we will be taking most of the photos ourselves. We will let you all know when it’s finished: hope you will like it! 😊

Those of you that have been to YDU in the past week, might have seen the first part of redecorating YDU. Most of you might also have seen the new website. These are all changes we’re making quite fast, but the concept of YDU stays. In the upcoming years, we want to continue improving the store’s atmosphere, collection, online presence, etc. We hope that all of you, who have been a fan of YDU in the past, will follow us on this journey.

We always appreciate the feedback, support, or any questions that you might have. All can be sent to No doubt you will get to know more about us in the future, but for now, we don’t want to make it too long.

Hope to see you soon @YDU,

Lisbeth & Nick

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