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BO EM Design

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We bring eth(n)ical fusion fashion to the world.

-Connecting cultures-

BO EM, believes in the ancestral knowledge of handicrafts as a form of inter – cultural expression that allow us to connect cultures. Culture is expressed through many aspects, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Our history defines us and it could unite or divide us.
BO EM, wants to preserve culture and empower artisans through fashion. That’s why we infuse new designs with old knowledge. We seek not only to create a product or provide a service; we seek to create a new concept where the producer and the consumer interact with each other and can preserve culture together.
We create locally through Fair Trade and work in a co – creative design process with indigenous communities from Latin America and artisans in rural areas of Ecuador.
We bring eth(n)ical fusion fashion to the world!
The Panama Collection made for YDU:
The mola or molas, forms part of the traditional outfit of a Kuna woman, from San Blas, two mola panels being incorporated as front and back panels in a blouse.

In Dulegaya, the Kuna's native language, "mola" means "shirt" or "clothing". The mola originated with the tradition of Kuna women painting their bodies with geometrical designs, using available natural colors; in later years these same designs were woven in cotton.
Molas are handmade using a reverse appliqué technique. Several layers of different - coloured cloth are sewn together; cutting away parts of each layer then forms the design.  The edges of the layers are then turned under and sewn down.
Often, the stitches are nearly invisible. This is achieved by using a thread the same color as the layer being sewn, sewing blind stitches, and sewing tiny stitches.

After we finished our work with Kuna women we create a new design through a co - creative design process.

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