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Behind YDU

YDU is an initiative of Angelika Groenendijk-Wasylewski, who travelled around the world before she settled down in Amsterdam. During her trips she developed a passion for different cultures and their accompanying fashion. In the many countries she visited, Angelika met young designers who all experienced the same problem: the struggle to break through with their own fashion label is almost impossible. In Amsterdam Angelika Groenendijk - Wasylewski found the ideal location to realize her dream: with YDU she combines her commercial background with her passion for fashion.

Amazing 'ready to wear' concept for fashion-lovers

YDU is a shop where the collections of young and upcoming fashion designers are sold for affordable prizes. With this point of sale YDU helps young designers who are starting their own label. YDU also creates an absolute fashion highlight for fashion lovers, who are always looking for exclusive, customized and individual clothes.
Not every random fashion designer fits in the concept. YDU carefully selects the designers, who determine the image of the shop. YDU looks for designers with a lot of creativity, who are able to translate their visions into wearable and affordable collections. The result is a varied offer of exclusive and high-quality clothes and accessories.

Stylish and cosy boutique

YDU is arguably the most stylish and cosy shop, where the clients always can count on a warm welcome. The combination of elegance and accessibility is as unique as the collections that are being sold. The well-organized division of the boutique immediately clears out which designs are made by which designers.

Photography: YDU © Young Designers United - Hans Zaglitsch Photography

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